Job and Research Opportunities

All inquiries should be directed to Dr. Greg Field at [email protected].

Postdoctoral Fellows and Senior Researchers

We are always looking for creative, engaged, and talented scientists looking to further their training and career. There are a wide range of project directions and collaborations you can spearhead (see the Projects and Collaborations pages for some examples). If you are looking for a postdoc or research staff/faculty position, please contact us.

Graduate Students

If you are a Ph.D. or Master's student at UCLA or you are considering applying to UCLA in a neuroscience or bioengineering related field, and you are interested in the visual system, treating blinding diseases, or learning how to apply novel computational approaches to complex neurobiological data, please contact us.

Research Technicians

If you have a Bachelor's degree in any area of the natural sciences, math, engineering or computer science, and you want to bolster your research experience in an inclusive and dynamic environment, please contact us.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Are you an undergraduate at UCLA or another university or college near Los Angeles and want to get research experience in a laboratory doing biomedical research related to vision and neuroscience? We have a variety of projects that you could contribute to. Please contact us for more information. Please include a brief description of what science, engineering and/or math classes you have taken, your planned major, and a few sentences about what you hope to pursue after college. 

High School Students

We sometimes receive requests from high school students interested in getting research experience. While we applaud your enthusiasm for science, due to issues related to minors working in research laboratories, we cannot take high school students for research internships at this time.