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Decomposition of retinal ganglion cell electrical images for cell type and functional inference . Wu EG, Rudzite AM, Bohlen MO, Li PH, Kling A, Cooler S, Rhoades C, Brackbill N, Gogliettino AR, Shah NP, Madugula SS, Sher A, Litke AM, Field GD, Chichilnisky EJ. BioRxiv. 2023.11.06.565889; doi: Link

Biophysical neural adaptation mechanisms enable deep learning models to capture dynamic retinal computation. Idrees S, Rieke F, Field GD, Zylberberg J. BioRxiv 2023.06.20.545728; doi: Link

The functional organization of retinal ganglion cell receptive fields across light levels. Ruda KM, Rudzite AM, Field GD. bioRxiv 2022.09.15.508164; doi: Link

Local synaptic inhibition mediates cerebellar granule cell pattern separation necessary for learned sensorimotor associations. Fleming EA, Field GD, Tadross MR, Hull C. bioRxiv 2022.05.20.492839; doi: Link.

Thousandfold Cell-Specific Pharmacology of Neurotransmission. Brenda C. Shields, Haidun Yan, Shaun S.X. Lim, Sasha C. Burwell, Elizabeth A. Fleming, Celine M. Cammarata, Elizabeth W. Kahuno, Purav P. Vagadia, Marie H. Loughran, Lei Zhiquan, Mark E. McDonnell, Miranda L. Scalabrino, Mishek Thapa, Tammy M. Hawley, Allen B. Reitz, Gary E. Schiltz, Court Hull, Greg D. Field, Lindsey L. Glickfeld, Michael R. Tadross. bioRxiv 2022.10.18.512779; doi: Link.

Peer Reviewed


Population encoding of stimulus features along the visual hierarchy
(2024). Dyballa L, Rudzite AM, Mahmood HS, Thapa M, Stryker MP, Field GD, Zucker SW. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 121(4).e2317773121. PMID: 38227668

GABAergic Inhibition controls receptive field size, sensitivity, and contrast preference of direction selective retinal ganglion cells near the threshold of vision
(2024). Roy S, Yao X, Rathinavelu J, Field GD. J Neurosci. 5:e1979232023. PMID: 23182419


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